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Life of Snails


young snail

Achatina iredalei

  Achatina iredalei are relatively not big snails.
  They can rise up 7-10 cm. Their shell is gaunt and lemon yellow. Achatina iredaleis internal organs can be partially seen through their thin and semi-transparent shells. Their body is white. Acahtina iredalei are very delicate and tender snails.

Young  A. iredalei

  The interesting thing about them is that they are viviparous. These snails dont lay eggs. Young snails draw the first breath as entirely formed snails.
  There are just borned Achatina iredalei snails in the photo. An adult snail has come to the surface throug the dark hole on the right. This photo was made through the transparent aquarium bottom.

  Snail Achatina iredalei

  Achatina iredalei snails. The size of this snails shell is 40 mm long.



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